Vetrto Tech


We are a group of highly motivated, professional, with industry experience over the years in fields of IT, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medical Device and Life Science. We provide a step above and beyond experience for our Consultants in providing exceptional services in training and job search in every unimaginable job on this earth.

We are built on unequaled philosophy, the caring approach of our Consultants and clients by our dedicated team have rewarded yields in this competitive world for everyone who has associated with us. We bring “Never say die” attitude in our work culture and this belief of guiding, building, nurturing

We serve every major industry with exceptional talents around the globe. We care about people what they do. • We get the job done for our candidate, no matter what situation or hurdle come the way. • We want to make a difference by providing state of the art services for the people and the community by helping them get a job and live a better life.


  • 40%-60% cost reduction for off shored process.
  • Differential in wages from the US or UK parent location at approx 70%-80%.
  • Interaction costs increase 10%-20% because of India being a remote location….thus net savings of 40%-60%.
  • Labor cost arbitrage, the reason for cost savings likely to exist for next 20-30 years.


  • Established methodologies and processes being rapidly adopted for better performance.
  • Well defined quantifiable metrics for quality and process.
  • Access to highly qualified – skilled pool.


  • Faster turnaround time.
  • Time zone difference..
  • 24X7 service.
  • Learning curve effect, given increased activity across companies and increased centralization within company.