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Course Overview

Our iOS training classes can help you get off to a running start in iPhone, iPod, and iPad app development.

Learn from expert Objective-C developers with years of experience in Apple’s iPhone SDK and Mac OS X development tools and frameworks. You’ll be creating working iPhone and iPad Apps in class within a few, fast-paced days.

You will Understand the entire iPhone Apps Development Cycle from start to end


  • programming Language experience
  • Basic object-oriented languages like C++, Java, C#.Net is recommended
  • Knowing Basic SQL queries can be Advantage

iPhone Course Content

Why iOS?

  • The Mobile App Paradigm
  • Introduction to X-Code
  • Main characteristics of mobile apps.
  • Differences between mobile apps and desktop apps
  • iOS main components and services.

Design view by using UI Elements

  • UILabel
  • UIButton
  • UITextFields
  • UITextViews

Custom View Creation (Creating Custom Views completely through code )

  • UIVIew
  • UILabel
  • UIButton
  • UITextFields
  • UITextViews


  • String
  • Array
  • Dictionary

Content Display

  • UIImageView
  • UIWebView
  • UIScrollView
  • UITableView

Navigation Between the Views

  • Present the Views
  • UINavigationviewController
  • UISegues

Life Cycle

  • Controllers: View Controller Initialization, View Life Cycle,
  • Application Life Cycle

Persistent Storage

  • NSUserDefaults
  • Core Data Framework
  • KeyChain


Handling Gestures

  • Recognizing and Handling Gestures: pinch, pan, zoom, swipe, and tap


UI Design by using Autolayouts

API Calls


Map Kit



Memory Management

Blocks and Multithreading

  • What is a block
  • Block Syntax

Design Patterns

  • MVC
  • Singleton
  • MVVM

Advanced Service

  • Alerts & Timers
  • Core Media: audio, still photos and video.

Swift Features

  • Optionals
  • Guard Statement
  • Generics
  • Closures
  • Tuples

Object Oriented Programming

  • Inheritance
  • Encapsulation
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction


  • Local Notifications
  • Push Notifications

Uploading App to the App Store

  • Certificates Creation
  • Provision Profiles Creation
  • Human Interface guidelines
  • Uploading App to the app store

Live Project Training & Demo

Interview point of view